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There have been nearly 250 mass shootings in the US (mass being defined as more than 4 fatalities, the shooter not included) in 2013, according to the Huffington Post.

You know what’s funny? They all have one thing in common: guns. Funny how that stuff works! If there are guns, they end up being used. When was the last time you heard of a country being plagued with mass stabbings? Mass spontaneous human combustion? Mass homicidal vehicular manslaughter? … you haven’t? Huh. Must be the guns, then.

Listen: there’s been little repeatable statistical evidence that links violence with video games or music. Less than 1% of all mental illnesses have a violent component. However, there has been some statistically significant, repeatable evidence that suggests the following: having a gun in the home increases the risk of gun-related injuries or death, particularly gun-related suicide.

Let’s tackle the real problem behind gun violence: guns. Not “mental illness.” Not “terrorism.” These are witch hunts no different than those in the middle ages, just instead of flying on broomsticks, they fly on planes. 

The second amendment? That was made at a time when they had muskets. Muskets that took 50 seconds to load, frequently jammed, and needed significant amounts of maintenance to maintain. Ammo took money or skill to acquire. You want your second amendment rights? Alright. Here’s your musket. Have fun going on a mass shooting with that sucker. You’re more likely to injure yourself (or nothing) than you are another person.

Personal defense? Unless you’re trained — and I mean military-level trained, not “I took a gun class once” — you have a less than 4% chance of hitting a moving target. That’s not a reliable enough argument for personal defense gun ownership. If someone is serious about hurting you, a gun will not scare them. If you don’t know how to handle it correctly, it’s likely that it could end up in the wrong hands. Get off your ass and take up martial arts. It’ll serve double duty: you learn how to protect yourself and you get killer abs in the process. There’s no downside. If you really can’t handle that, get a taser or pepper spray.

Either regulate guns to an appropriate degree or get rid of them entirely. How many more innocent people need to die for your rights?

Small steps matter



Small steps matter. Violence is a major issue in our nation. While we need to address the root causes of violence and look also to community, non-legal solutions, we also want our laws to reflect our values. One way we can make a statement that we support survivors of abuse is by making it harder for their abusers to gain access to deadly weapons. If you agree, sign the petition here.